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7 Ways To Show The Hiring Manager That You Really Want The Job

7 Ways To Show The Hiring Manager That You Really Want The JobYou really really want this job. And you want to make koranvers the hiring manager knows it. Trouble is, you also dont want to come off as totally desperate. As much as you want to give them the really hard sell and show off your exuberant enthusiasm for the position, its best to hold back and try these tricks instead. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) 1. Send a note.A handwritten thank you note after the interview will go a long way. And its much more elegant than gushing or yammering on about just how much you love the company and really really want this job. Bonus points if youve already sent a quick follow-up email and can mention different things in the handwritten note.2. Go the extra mile.If a job description says that certain application materials are optional, and you have the capacity to provide them, do. Youll easily set yourself apart from the majority of applicants who wont have time or energy to go above and beyond for this particular job. And youll have that many more chances to prove you are a perfect fit for the position.3. Be clear.If youre lucky enough to have the opportunity, i.e. youre asked point-blank about the seriousness of your intentions, then do make it absolutely clear how serious you are about wanting this gig. Refrain from gushing, but make it firmly clear you are in this.4. Take home some swag.This is a potentially risky move, but if you landsee some brand stickers or pens or other such swag on your way out, and you feel comfortable doing so, you could remark on how stylish or well-done the item is and say, If you have any to spare, Id love to take one of these with me. As long as you can pull this off without looking creepy, its sometimes a great move to show youre really serious about a company.5. Do your homework.Perhaps the best thing you can bring with you into an interview for a gig youre really gung-ho to get is prepa ration. Dont waste time pining and hoping that you get hired. Spend all of that nervous energy doing really solid research into the company, the industry, and the job itself. Doing your homework will help you shine in the interview.6. Ask questions.Your interviewer will ask you if you have any questions. And youd best be prepared to have some. Make sure theyre intelligent and incisive. Tailor them to the company and the position. Use the research youve done to make sure you have this step of the interview covered. And practice asking before you go in.7. Come up with a final pitch.Think up (and practice practice practice) a final elevator pitch that you can use to close the interview. Some combination of thank you and a way to reaffirm your keen interest in the position. Make it surgical and elegant and follow it up with good body language and a firm handshake (and of course, the thank you note), and youll do great.Who knows? If you manage to nail all of this, you might just make the m more interested in you

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Could Your Smartphone Get You a Job --InternMatch Blog

Could Your Smartphone Get You a Job --InternMatch BlogCould Your Smartphone Get You A Job?Todays technology has enabled smartphone users to stay connected with social media, the latest news, and newest apps alfruchtwein anywhere. While its easy to check your friends position updates on Facebook and post up-to-the-minute accounts of your day on Twitter, perhaps there is now a more constructive use of down time with a smartphone applying for jobs.iApply on the FlyA growing number of Fortune 500 companies have application sites customized for a smartphone screen, allowing job applicants to now peruse job openings and apply on the fly. From McDonalds to Macys, an increasing number of companies are utilizing apps that allow professionals to apply for open positions on their iPhones, Droids, or other web-enabled devices. It is worth noting, though, that this movement may make things easier for potential employees, but adds a few extra steps to ensure the resume is noticed (by a system or actual human being).Its All About the Formatting, BabyWhile most big companies will use apps that are formatted for a smartphone screen, it is still important to make your resume stand out both bigger and smaller displays. This can be easy if you know how to properly format your resume to gain maximum attention from a possible new employer. Pick a strong but not overpowering format that allows for easy scanning of your information, include a section of keyword or core competencies, and emphasize your accomplishments.Better Format, Better ResumeTruthfully, a strong format is especially important here so lets dig a little deeper use certain key elements in your resume design to make your document engaging, but not busy or too overwhelming for a hiring manager. Our brains are always looking to break down information into smaller pieces that are easier to process and technology is available to help do just that. Techniques like shading and bolding will help your resume seem easy to r ead while bringing out important pieces of information that will catch an employers eye.Implementing these formatting techniques is something a good resume writer will know how to do and can utilize an individuals experience to create an effective and attractive document. A customized resume will help draw an employers attention and help emphasize an employees best assets. After all, even on a small screen, a great resume could be the key to getting the jobIts YOUR Career ReFresh. Revive. Renew.

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Underrated Questions About Add Research or Writing Skills to Resume

Underrated Questions About Add Research or Writing Skills to Resume What Does Add Research or Writing Skills to Resume Mean? Youll receive millions of results when you type the term collaboration in any of the various search engines. John doesnt need to share his information with others in regard to the job. The test gruppe must bear in mind they are a big filter between failure and satisfied clients and because of this theyre accountable for the success of the solution and company for a whole. Get the Scoop on Add Research or Writing Skills to Resume Before Youre Too Late Some managers have discovered that the best approach to foster teamwork is to begin with themselves. If theres a high level of teamwork and willingness to collaborate, then the team may have a brighter future. Utilizing teamwork is occasionally unnecessary and may lead to teams not reaching their performance peak. The thought of collaboration appears easy enough just get the job done together. For an e xcellent part of every week, youre working with each other to keep the company successful. Working in teams has also demonstrated to be quite beneficial. It is possible to only work so many hours every day. You dont need to go for formal training, just make it take distributionspolitik during the day. Add Research or Writing Skills to Resume - Is it a Scam? You are interested in being a dependable team member in order for your coworkers can trust you. Be sure that you promote great teamwork and collaboration in your workplace. Teamwork is the joint action of folks working toward the identical end objective. It is something we are trying to acquire everywhere. Needless to say, each job will call for various abilities and experiences, so make certain you read the job description with care and concentrate on the skills listed by the employer. Make certain you have a minumum of one case of a time you demonstrated every one of the top five skills listed here. If you have som ebody on your team whos more detached from everyone else, you can want to work with them to increase their leadership abilities. If your team is fighting with communication, asking for help might be an anxiety-inducing experience. Though collaborative work among individuals is extremely prominent today, that wasnt true over half a century ago. In some instances, teams that collaborate are members of the exact same department working on a continuous activity which requires coordination. Collaboration may also occur between several different sorts of partners including between bosses and subordinates. In that case, it does not always take place between members of the same company. Commitment to success is the last pillar that enables teams tocollaborate well at work. It would be somewhat straightforward that you sit down and write it.

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10 Worlds Coolest Jobs

10 Worlds Coolest Jobs10 Worlds Coolest JobsThis list is based on Some of the jobs are really rare, but most of them are not that impossible to get, you just need a little bit of talent in certain field and you can make your dream come true. So, have you found your job in this list? Me neither10. PhotographerIt may seem as an extremely easy job. Not really To make a living of it, you have to be very talented, patient and persistent. Once you have all this characteristics and you are a good it, photographing will reward you with enjoyable surroundings worth taking picture of.9. WriterWriting a diary doesnt make you a writer. This job is actually pretty hard to get. There is surplus of writers who want to get a publisher. Your writing has to be exceptional to get the attention.8. Video Game TesterWho would not love to be a video game tester? It is a dream for almost every teen boy who plays video games. Surplus of people wanting this job makes it possible for gaming studios to choose from enormous number of candidates.7. Chocolate TasterThis job is similar to a perfume testers. You have to have exceptional tasting and sniffing skills. This job may be the rarest in this list, since there is just a small amount of people able to do this work.6. ActorActing is not only about playing in hollywood blockbusters. Actually, a lot of hollywood actors love to play theatre plays. Some people are born with a natural acting talent and dont need any school to become a successful actors.5. Car TesterReady, Set, GO If you have a knowledge about cars and you are good at driving, this might be a job for you. Enjoy driving different cars every day, compare them and try to find a negatives on it.4. Holiday ReporterPretty similar job to a Car tester. Travel around the world and write down your feelings about certain destinations. Sounds pretty cool, huh?3. National Geographic TravelerWrite articles about worlds most interesting locations, cultures and parks, or make a car eer as a photographer of these outstanding sceneries.2. Private Island CaretakerYes, it is exactly what the title says. You take care of someones private island. You basically work in a paradise. Are you interested in getting this job? Read the whole article about it.1. Movie CriticIf you are a movie nerd, this is what you were born for. Watch several movies a week, write reports about it, attend film festivals and premieres and follow trends. We can totally understand, that people think about this job to be the COOLEST one out there.source ranker.comDo you like this story? Share it with your friends.Share Your Feedback or Ideas in the Comments

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3 Reasons You Need Experience to Be Successful - The Muse

3 Reasons You Need Experience to Be Successful - The Muse3 Reasons You Need Experience to Be SuccessfulSo, youve got a bunch of friends who keep getting promoted and landing awesome new jobs (with accompanying awesome titles) and youre feeling like yur career is falling behind. You just cant stop asking yourself how youll ever catch up. Remember that old story about the tortoise and the hare? Well, as someone whos always been in a hurry to get to the next level, Ive come to realize that slow and steady is actually a really great approach. There is simply no substitute for hard-earned experience if you truly want to be successful in your chosen field. My careers journeyed for over 20 years through the airline industry, the music business as it was imploding, sports footwear, apparel, and nutrition where I ended up as auf der ganzen welt President of Gatorade, and finally my most recent role as President of Equinox, the leader in the fitness industry. Ive had some amazing team successe s on my journey thatll forever take me to that happy place in my mind- and Ive also had some epic, epic fails. Yeah, Im not talking the type of fail like when you mistakenly forward an email to a giant CC list and announce a crush on your co-worker to your entire company. Nope. Im talking the kind of fails where you get fired, laid off, and lose your legal right to work in this country. My path is certainly not one thats for the faint of heart And what I can say from my experience is that every time the big blunders happened, it was almost always when I had gotten ahead of my skis. Like when someone had promoted me to a big job with an even bigger title because I interviewed really well and came across as a smart thinker. But whenever that happened and someone had overlooked my lack of experience (no doubt because I had regaled them in the interview with my daaaaaarling neuseelnder accent and my witty repartee)- thats when I got into trouble.Now dont get me wrong , I dont have any r egrets. Because in the end, after lots of bumps and bruises, its all worked out. But what I do know to be true is that theres no substitute for experience. You cant jump the line of experience- you really need to get in there and do it to have the depth, resilience, and strength it really takes to be a powerhouse leader.Here are three big reasons why1. Depth Gives You CredibilityThe higher up you get in an organization, the more people will look to you for assurance that you actually know what youre doing. And heres the truth Theres going to be a lot of stuff that youre asked to weigh in on that you actually dont know much about and youre going to feel really unsure of yourself a lot more than youd like. But if you have real depth in just one specific area- what one of my bosses used to call your hit pocket skill- then youll have one place in which you know youre adding value to the team. And thats where you will turn when you need a confidence boost. This in turn will make you more comfortable to be more vulnerable and open to asking questions in the areas that are foreign to you. Leaders never have all of the answers, and one of the greatest traits of good managers is the willingness to acknowledge what they dont know and ask for help. So, if you know youre kicking ass and adding value because of your depth and expertise in one area, then youre going to be far more likely to ask for help with your weaker bits. And that will make you far more well-rounded and less likely to have big, ugly blind spots that could drive your team into trouble.2. The Power to Have Influence Comes From Real ExperienceLeaderships so much about your ability to influence others, especially with the pace of change in organizations today, and a major cultural shift away from command and control style leadership. Ultimately- even when you have a big title like President or Chief Something- people are not going to really follow you if you cant inspire and influence them to do so. And its not just the folks that report to you- very often the toughest audiences are your peers or other stakeholders you need to get onboard with your teams plan. Im a huge fan of Wharton Professor Adam Grants book, Originals How Non-Comformists Move the World. In it, he discusses his research around power without status. When people sought to exert influence but lacked respect, others perceived them as difficult, coercive, and self serving. Since they havent earned our admiration, we dont feel they have the right to tell us what to do, and we push back.It reiterates the fact that you really cant influence people until you have had the experiences that earn you the right to do so.I experienced this when I joined Equinox. Even though I came on board as the president of the company, I had this distinct feeling in my first year or so that people thought of me like a new seasons TV show. They might have DVR-ed me, but they hadnt yet committed to watching because they didnt know if I was going to be worthy of following So I spent time getting out into our field, working every position that I could in our clubs, from maintenance to front desk, to selling a membership and being a floor trainer handing out fresh towels to members. Not only did I have a blast, but by the time I came back to start thinking about the future of our company, I was so much more grounded in what really makes the business work. And, not surprisingly, employees were far more willing to give me eingabe knowing that I had experienced the business properly.3. You Need to Have the Courage of Your ConvictionsTo be a great leader, you have to be able to see a future that others are unable to see. And what that means is that youre going to come up against weeks, months, and probably even years of conversations with people telling you all the reasons why your ideas wont work. And let me tell you, its really freaking hard not to be affected by that. But if you have real depth of time and experience that enab les you to see that future so clearly, youll have light years more resilience and drive to get to the future than if you dont. In my case, leading Gatorade from the world of sports drinks to the world of sports nutrition, or seeing Equinox as an always on fitness lifestyle partner instead of a gym- both of those experiences were hugely necessary in teaching me the grit required to drive innovation and change, and giving me the courage to launch my own business, EXTREMEYOU. While Ive had countless people tell me why this might not be for me- mostly because starting a business presents a very different set of challenges to revamping an existing one- I know the time is right for me to do this. With 20 years of experience under my belt, I have the mentors and relationships that provide the kind of moralische verfassung support thats hugely needed when youre embarking upon something new and scary. And critically, I have legitimate subject matter depth on the topic of human potential, whi ch is the area my business idea is focused on.So, no matter where you are in your career Remember that story of the tortoise and the hare. Its important to keep feeling and encourage your restless desire to progress, but just remember, you cant skip over the important experience steps if you want to really get the most out of your own potential in the long run.

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Harness the Power of 3 to Land Your Dream Job

Harness the Power of 3 to Land Your Dream JobHarness the Power of 3 to Land Your Dream JobHarness the power of three by using multiple job-search methods to find the most job leads.QIm not having much luck with the on-line application process. What else can I do to get my resume reviewed by employers? Eunice J., Babylon, NYAA while ago when I wrote the post about searching for a job while employed, I mentioned that you should use multiple methods in searching for opportunities. This means (1) applying to (and properly following up on) online job listings, (2) networking with your social and professional contacts, and (3) engaging with recruiters. By incorporating all three methods into your search strategy, you will maximize the number of leads published and unpublished you can pursue.Here are a few tips to help you take full advantage of each job sourcing methodOnline ApplicationsCareerXroads 2012 Source of Hire Survey showed that among the 200+ companies who were surveyed, 20.1 p ercent of their external new hires credited job boards with finding the job posting. What does that mean? If youve given up on job postings and applications, youre missing out on a lot of opportunities I recommend applying to around five well-fitted opportunities each week. There are a few things you can do to improve your return on investment with each application.Do your research. I know it can be hard, but fight the urge to apply to any job you qualify for before youve learned mora. Granted, this doesnt apply to confidential postings, but for jobs where you know the companys name, do the research. Review the employment section of the companys site, use resources such as Vault and Glassdoor, and talk to connections whove worked at the company to get a better understanding of its corporate culture. Its great if you have the right skills and experience to do the job, but chances are you wont make it through the interview process if you dont fit in with the team. And frankly, you pro bably wouldnt enjoy working there in the long run. Whenever possible, review the latest news articles using Google News and financial reports to get a better understanding of the health of the organization.Apply to the right jobs. Job descriptions often contain a laundry list of nice-to-have items the hiring manager wishes the ideal candidate would possess however, they rarely expect a candidate to have all of those. Your job is to zero in on the must-have core requirements for the role. If you possess these must-haves, apply away. (And dont forget to properly follow up.) I recommend using a T-format cover letter to spell out your qualifications, and make sure the key terms from the job description are woven into your resume. Your resume gets 6 seconds to make an impression with a recruiter make it as easy as possible for them to quickly see why youre a good fit for the role.NetworkingWhether you love it or loathe it, networking is an important part of any job seekers strategy in t odays job market. It will help you learn about job leads that may not be published anywhere else. Another benefit is the possibility of getting an employee referral from one of your connections for a position. This type of referral can be very powerful it can help you bypass the gatekeeper and gain valuable insight for the interview process.Map out your network and grow it. In a recent post I discussed the two types of network connections that are considered most valuable during your search professional connections youve made during your career, and the social butterflies amongst your group of friends who can connect you to other acquaintances in your current or desired line of work. Before you tap into this network, develop a strong professional online presence that aligns with your resume, supports your career goals and showcases your expertise. Make sure youre connected to all of your contacts online so you can easily view their work experience and other connections.Get involve d and show off your expertise. If you feel your current network is not very strong, then its especially important to get out there physically and virtually and develop new relationships with those in your field. This could be in the form of joining online groups and getting involved in discussions joining and participating in Meetup groups related to your profession reconnecting with alumni from your school or attending professional trade shows andconferences or membership meetings focused specifically on your targeted industry or line of work. Dont discount recruiting events, job fairs and other events dedicated to job seekers in your field. Not only will you meet recruiters, but you can also develop valuable connections with other job seekers, doubling your search efforts.RecruitersJob seekers are often skeptical about working with recruiters, either because theyve been burned in the past or cant stand the lack of response. I agree its not an ideal situation for a job seeker. Y ou cant expect the recruiter to treat you like the customer because in their world, youre not. However, they can be a valuable source of job leads and company insight when youre the right fit for their sourcing needs. There are two primary ways you can capitalize on recruiter engagementBuild a strong professional online presence so recruiters find you. If youre following the tips I mentioned for networking, you should be platzset from this perspective. When your resume is uploaded to sites such as Ladders and you have a polished profile on sites like LinkedIn, recruiters will find you as they search for potential candidates. Also, recruiters typically monitor online groups relevant to their recruiting needs in search of candidates. Your activity within professional groups and through online discussions will help you build your personal brand and establish yourself as an expert in your field.Develop a recruiter outreach strategy and put it to practice. This requires you to research w hich recruiting firms source for positions in your industry or line of work, to identify which recruiters at those firms can be contacted, and to send tailored messages to those people. I recommend using sites such as Oya to find the right recruiters, and then visiting their individual websites or LinkedIn profiles to locate contact information and reach out to them. Check out these sample messages to get an idea of how you can communicate with the recruiters. This is a numbers game, so make it a goal to reach out to three to five new recruiters each week, and follow up every couple weeks you never know when theyll have the right opportunity for you and will respond.Over the past two years, my team of career coaches and I have worked with hundreds of job seekers. One thing weve learned is that different job search methods work for different people. Some job seekers will get a great deal of response from their online applications, while others gain much more traction through working with recruiters. And then there will be others who find their personal or professional contacts to be the best source of leads.The key is to incorporate each method into your search and see where you gain the most traction. Give each method a good try for at least three months before you give up on it. For many of you, this will require you to go outside of your comfort zone. As you get a better idea of what works for you and suits your personality, you can move more of your job sourcing activities to that method. I dont recommend giving up any one method entirely you might miss out on opportunities that way. But you should spend the bulk of your time on the activities that yield the best results for you. Also, remember that these strategies can work in tandem. Its important not only to apply to a job listing, but also to utilize your network for insight and employee referrals.

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Resume Recasts Bookkeeper as HR Powerhouse

Resume Recasts Bookkeeper as HR PowerhouseResume Recasts Bookkeeper as HR PowerhouseDebbie Ramirez was ready to trade in zu sichbei role in finance for a position in human resources. Selling her qualifications meant a rewrite to her resume.Debbie Ramirez was tired. Ramirez has been tired for a long time, which is what prompted her to come to OpsLadder for help in her job search.For the past 15 years, Miami-based Ramirez has been a financial-accounts officer at a local private school, where she has handled accounts receivable and payable, collection of delinquent accounts, and reconciliation of bank accounts. Ramirez also was tasked with preparing monthly income/expense reports, payroll, purchasing and budget control.She was ready for a change and hoped for a position in human resources. I am looking for a better job that would allow me to utilize my experiences better, Ramirez said. Im looking for something where theres room for me to grow.After such a long run in a finance role at a single company, however, her resume presented an impediment to HR positions.I want to get out of the financial end of the business, Ramirez said. I am the benefits administrator where I work now, and I do payroll and all the PTO Paid Time Off requests and everything. And I realize I really like that end of my work.Therein lies the challenge how to transform a bookkeeper into an HR specialist.The biggest challenge was about getting out what she has done over the years that focused on HR and administrative responsibilities, said J.M. Auron, a certified professional resume writer who works with Ladders and helped Ramirez translate her resume for a new career in HR.To play up her HR capabilities, Auron led the description of Ramirezs current job with a focus on HR rather than bookkeeping.Ramirezs original resume presented skills that she called repeatable in another position such as HR, but she didnt talk about transferable skills.She also didnt highlight the HR skills she already had. Auron decided to shine a light on the HR accomplishments she already had, includingManage a wide range of HR operations. Ensure accuracy of all new hire documentation and personnel files, including W4s and I9s. Track vacation time, sick leave, and paid time off. Manage maintenance staff. Ensure compliance with all Federal regulations, including OSHA. Contribute to safety trainings. Manage recording of all professional development courses and requirements.Serve as Benefits Manager, research and analyze health insurance options, negotiate plans, ensure full coverage for employees, and serve as 1st point of contact for benefits issues and questions. Streamline personnel reporting procedures.Administer 403B retirement plan. Work directly with staff to determine needs, and ensures correct monthly payroll deductions.Ramirez, who had casually searched for a job for two years, now has a new resume and is close to finishing her degree in business administration. She is feeling very confiden t about her prospects.Im ready to move right now, she said. I am happy with my new resume. I think it adequately reflects my capabilities, and I really feel like I am ready to make a move.